How To Maintain Your Trailer In 5 Easy Steps

Being a trailer manufacturer, you have to take care of a lot of things. The products manufactured need to be properly obtained before being handed over to the customer. So once you buy a trailer you need to make sure that it lasts as long as possible.  Modern trailers are designed to support a longer lifespan but they still require the deserved TLC.  A cargo trailer requires more attention than a utility trailer as they are much larger in size.

With time the trailer will depreciate but you can slow down the process by following the guidelines to maintain a healthy-looking trailer.


The first rule for the maintenance of a 4x6 cargo trailer (or any other trailer) is, to begin with, the tires. Tires must be operational with a proper inflation level. Sometimes it happens that the inflation level of tires is different in the same axle. This can cause serious hazards while driving.

A major expense on your part needs to be thoroughly checked. Tire air pressure is the key to easy traveling. It also means that the tire will function longer. Drivers are usually neglecting to check the tires so being the smart trailer owner this responsibility falls on you to monitor the air pressure and inflation level. Keep a close eye on the hose attached to the tire for any leaks.

Examine the Suspensions

A visual inspection to look out for the signs of wear and tear, cracks on the air springs, etc. are a must. Suspensions connect the wheels and brakes to the trailer body to absorb the physical blows while on the road. An air spring is a core component you need to check too.

Make sure there is no interference with the suspension and the axle. Air suspension can get damaged too. For instance, if the ride height has too little air, the trailer’s load will transfer to the suspension’s bumpers which otherwise will damage small components.

How to Lube?

Grease plays a major role in protecting different components of the trailer. The correct lube can make the parts more effective. Usually, you need to check three characteristics in a grease.

  • Thickening System

  • Grade

  • Performance Rating

The majority of grease is lithium complex based while a few are available that are calcium-based. Never mix these two greases, it will affect the trailer performance. The grade identifies the viscosity of grease. This means the performance characteristics are hard to highlight because the grease label does not come in fine print either. So make sure to add enough grease that has proper performance characteristics.

Brakes Inspection

How can you check brakes on a 4x6 enclosed cargo trailer? It’s simple; the part on the wheel ends with the spring brakes is an air chamber. Look at it from a 90-degree angle to check the trailer brakes.

Also, check the drum conditions while you are checking the performance of the brakes. Always measure the drums to make sure there is enough material to last until the next inspection. If it is on borderline replace it as soon as possible.

Make it Clean

Another important ritual of maintenance is to keep the trailer clean. If you use de-icing chemicals stop doing the cleaning with it because it damages the electrical connections and is also bad for the metal parts.

The cleaner your trailer is the easier it becomes to spot the problems. A cargo trailer must be washed every 45 days and brought in for service every 45-60 days. Always have a thorough inspection.

Also, check the debris that could be stuck in the trailer’s components. While being mindful of the trailer’s hydraulic system too.

Bottom Line

It’s never too late to prioritize the trailer maintenance even Anvil trailer manufacturing Douglas GA understands the importance of proper TLC and advises their customers in likewise manner. Proper maintenance is a must if you want your trailer to live longer.